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I'm not attempting to criticize your life, I'm only saying that it is totally irresponsible to allow the safety of a 5 yr old little girl in the hands of unknown strangers...EVEN ONE TIME!

In discussing comments, allow me to ask you this one, basic question. How would YOU feel had YOUR little daughter been kidnapped, raped and murdered because of YOUR decision making? Would you feel a sense of responsibility or would you again blame someone else for NOT doing YOUR job? Will you continue to allow your little girl to travel in this manner or will you choose to make arrangememts to benefit her safety to YOUR satisfaction? You appear to completely miss the point here...

Do not depend on the school system to guarantee the ultimate safety of your daughter, you should make immediate changes with YOUR judgement and decision making! If you have a reading comprehension problem, read this again and concentrate: "Your daughter is YOUR responsibility!"

"Yea...too bad I work full time" -Bullcrap excuse!-


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