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Well then tell me, oh enlightened one: whose hands were your children in when they went to school? My wife and I have no family here and all of our friends (hold your breath) also have jobs and families of their own so it's not like they can help. Last time I tried to venture out and find another job with more flexible hours I found out (and you might even have heard about this) that there's a recession going on. Kinda hard to switch jobs mid-career.

Schools have been bussing children for ages and they have the responsibility to do it safely and securely. You are correct that the school system's job is teaching. However, since it's law that children attend school until age 16 it also stands to reason that it's their responsiblity to provide transportation. There are tons of people in this world who don't have their own transportation whether by choice or not. By your rationale, we should be with our children 24/7 and never let them out of our sight. Maybe that's possible in whatever little world you live in but I live on a planet called "Reality."

And please don't assume that you know a thing about me. If you think I'm lazy (somehow I knew you'd throw that word around; see my previous post) I invite you to sit with me any day. I bust my backside for the people of this state for very little in return and I've never relied on any type of assistance. I also teach my children every day about personal responsibility and independence.

Do you have grown children that still live with you? Wouldn't surprise me based on what I've read so far.


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