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My priorities

Contrary to what you may think about me or any other parent who uses the public school systems and their transportation, I believe my priorities are right on point. I work to provide the necessary essentials in life that my children need like a home, plenty of food and clothes. At one time I did have the luxury of being a stay at home mom which is why I chose to have a child. That is not the case anymore. I have adjusted my work schedule to be able to take her to school everyday but there is no way I can do both without stepping down from my management position and also losing my fulltime position which means I would be taking a major pay cut that I as a single mother cannot afford. Which means I would end up being just another person living off government assistance, to which Im sure you would have plenty of negative comments about. When I send my child to school everyday Im allowing her safety to be put in the hands of strangers, are you telling me thats wrong as well? How is transportation provided by the schools any different? Teacher puts her on.... daycare provider gets her off. Dont even think of saying anything about my child attending daycare, she is licensed and is no stranger! This is my last post I have nothing more to say, Im sure you'll have plenty. I've done no wrong and feel no need that I need to explain myself any further. To you guest461 dont be so quick to judge others you really have no insight to others lives or the hardships they face. I would love nothing more than to be able to take her and pick her up each day, but I simply cannot.


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