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Only for clarification to the previous poster....

...that had me pegged as a housewife was the reason for exposing my "race". Didn't mean to hit a sore spot with you. Congratulations on your success and it's good to see that we have agreement on at least one point, being the lifetime entitlement recipients.

Your statement, "I think what people are saying is that the child should not have been let off in an incorrect place other than where she has been let off in the past." is EXACTLY my point of contention. The fact of the matter and MY point is that "responsible parents" find a way to pick up their 5 yr olds and do not leave their safety in the hands of people that are complete strangers, that don't give a damn and work for what is widely known as a severely broken system! Just exactly how much CLEARER does that need to be stated?

Just because one may have a full time job, does not mean that one "has to to rely on a government entity" to ensure the safety of their children. Personally picking a 5 yr old up is not difficult and can be worked out with most employers. It seems that's just too much trouble for most, so shuffle that responsibility off on someone you already KNOW you can't trust!

A 5 yr old child is simply too young and helpless to rely on school provided transportation! Just do the responsible thing, stop making excuses and this type of thing will not occur!


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