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Now we watch as the guilty

Now we watch as the guilty are protected by anonymity only because they happen to be police officers? And, as usual, the "good ole boys" have to act as one cowardly group. I guess they found this funny? I'd really love to hear this woman's story. Then I'd like to know how many of these Barney Fife's have daughters and would it be okay with them to have their daughters bullied the same way by a group of males? Oh no! I've got it....their story will be she "let them do it" or she "enticed" them in some way? Isn't that right "boys"?
How dumb can the people in power be? I read this after reading a news story about RC Soles sending money to boys in jail, requesting transfers, etc. At some point these types of power hungry idiots need to have accountability.
These people hold PUBLIC OFFICE!!!! They choose to be in the public eye. Any wrongdoing exposed should mean immediate dismissal.
Or better yet...provide a group of women some of your "training ammo" and let them spend an hour or so shooting the crotches of the police officers involved in the assault (yes assault) of this female officer. She should be allowed to go first!


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