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Policing the Police

In all of this talk no one ever mentions who is watching the police. You see abuse of power all across the nation, but no one wants to see it in thier backyard. Like all forms of coruption it must be removed by starting at the top, the next person, the next person and so on. Too many municipalties and government agency's worry too much about covering up mistakes instead of corrcting them. When this type of behavior is allowed to continue and spread throughout it becomes acceptable behavior. The HEAD of the snake must go. The chopping of the tail does nothing. So many administrations are poisoned by the bullies in charge. The only way to bring this type of corruption to a hault is to do an outide investigation across the board to include police and town personnel. Let them tell there stories under oath without fear of repercusion. You would be surprised at how much truth will come out.The down ide is that the town must be prepared for what they hear and deal with it. It is time for the good officers of Leland who have been degraded into believing they are so messed up only Leland will hire them. These people and there ideas have a lot of good policing to offer to the town. They just need LEADERSHIP. The very thing our current administration is UNABLE to do.Think about it at election time. Which politican is gonna be the one to end the corruption ???? Time is running out..The real winner in the peoples eyes will be the one who's jobs are terminated, not allowed to resign. Those good police oficers in the past were not given that opportunity. Their careers were ruined for minor trivial stuff.


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