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It takes a Village... get someone on expired registration obviously. A few months back, I was traveling Village Road and passed a vegetable stand near Sturgeon Creek bridge. There must have been 5 Leland police vehicles there, lights flashing, and an older model car (yes, tinted windows if I remember correctly - ha). I thought to myself, "Wow. Whoever was driving that car must be in big trouble.". A few weeks later, I stopped by the vegetable stand and asked the man who runs it what happened that day. He laughed and said they pulled these guys over that were in the old car and for hours they tried to find something on them, but all they could find was expired registration or something like that. All this hoopla in front of this elderly man's meager way to make a living detered customers and took money out of his pocket. But, I guess it gave the LPD something to do for an hour or two, because it sure looked like everyone that was on duty was at this one stop.


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