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If you don't know now you know

This comment is intended to rebut and clarify the statements that have been made falsely and frivolously made in order to protect our officers and the outstanding selfless service they provide...

I can assure you that corruption is no where in the Leland Police Department and this was founded by and qualified independent investigation agency that looked at the police department and all its entities. Before I begin to set the record straight I would like to address all the Guest posters here that want to remain anonamous, some of whom are officers of the department in question. you are probably the officers that are "ROD" Retired on Duty, the ones that couldn't make it in the corporate world, the ones that hide behind their hypocritical religious views, the silver spooned mamas boys that never learned the true meaning of an honest days work, food lion managers that didn't cut it there either, and suite happy sons of wealthy business men. Take some responsibility for your actions and have the intestinal fortitude to self evaluate and be able to admit when you are wrong.
I'd like to first begin by addressing the only person that did name themselves in this post, Michelle Cox, formerly known as Michelle Gant, of Burgaw. She calls for the SBI investigation of the department and the disbanding of all of the officers within because of corruption. She would personally know about SBI investigations being that she was fired for embezzlement for all of the towns that she worked for. She was fired from Leland for failure to announce this on her application.
Moving on to Officer Sherri Lewis. Sherri has, in the past, been fired from numerous positions in the Leland Police Department due to her inability to perform the tasks assigned to her. She has, in numerous situations, formally counseled for her lack of officer safety and competence as a law enforcement officer, creating a threat to the safety of other officers the community she served. For example, giving up your weapon in a hostage situation isn't exactly a tactic they teach at the police academy. Prior to becoming an officer, her and her husband were charged and cited for trafficking and possession of marijuana. During this training in which she claims she was sexually harassed, Officer Lewis endangered the safety of all of the officers on the firing line and was unable to complete the basic tasks to the point where she was removed from the range for retraining. The next day during simunitions training, all officers were instructed to wear additional clothing and padding in the genital areas along with vests. She said that a "piece of paper" was sufficient to protect her genital areas, and ended up getting shot in that area, and many other areas as the article did not mention, because she left herself exposed becoming a target, as did many other officers. It's training and when using simunitions it is to be expected. While at training she joked that she was shot in her "soft meat" and never complained about the incident until days later.
Moving on to John Holman, who has received numerous verbal and written counselings due to his lack of honesty and integrity and his inability to complete police tasks, and only upon being disciplined for these inadequacies, he sought out a law suit against the department for sexual harassment and hostile work environment because his friends (at the time) called him "gay". Never did Officer Holman make any of the complaints until he was removed from his position as detective and then sought retribution. The so called fight that occurred between him and Chief Jayne is a ruse. John Holman was jokingly struck by Jayne in the abdominal area while playing corn hole and Holman was unable to control his temper because of his level of intoxication and had to be restrained by officers at the party. Keep in mind this is at a bachelor party, off duty, in another state, and NO OFFICERS drove anything but their personally owned vehicles and had a designated driver. Also, Officer Holman has recently been granted immunity for an investigation on negligence on his part on a use of force report when he stated in the report that he "rear naked choked" someone.
In reference to Officer Kozak being corrupt: during this entire investigation Officer Kozak has been cooperative, forthright, and honest with every question asked and at no time has he attempted to cover up any situation.
As far as Brunswick County doing all the work, you must understand that the Leland Police only respond within the city limits and just because you have Leland as your city or 28451 as your zip does not mean the Leland PD are the ones who are responsible for that area.
All that being said, I would like to say thank you to those officers who are out on the streets every day, doing the right thing, working long hours for low wages and taking care of the community. The few officers with hidden agendas and lawsuits in the making are the ones that give all of these officers a bad name.


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