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jokers are why the public has no respect for law enforcement. You might be one of the good ones but when you can go to any news source on the net and see this type of thing why do you think the public will have no respect for your job? Every cop in any dept in the US has knowledge of this type of crap going on but will NOT open their mouths (the brotherhood thing). The point I am making is if an agency like Leland is allowed to get to this point it is the officers there and the ones who have quit that have made it that way. I used to have utmost respect for cops in general BUT in my 59 years I have seen them become as dishonest and crooked as what they are trying to police. They have become a gang of thugs in most cases. Case in point the 2 state troopers caught in Wyoming running blue lights, drinking beer and throwing the empty cans out the windows of the cruiser WHILE on the way to a funeral in another state for a cop killed in the line of duty. They were 31 year veterans!! Brother cops were mad they did not get a pass on it... Take the NHCSD LT that just was caught in a DWI stop another example and people on here thought he deserved a pass, broke the law and deserved no pass! The public is getting fed up with this crap and you and you other cops are suffering for it. Honestly though I don't think any of you care what the public thinks of you. I would say 75 percent of the public I talk to don't trust cops no farther than you could throw one. No I have no criminal record so don't even go there, have security clearances for any military base and nuclear plant in this country.
Oh and by the way tell your buddies the shaved head deal does not work, no one is intimidated by a bowling ball head or one with the little patch of pubic hair on top..GEEEZ


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