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The Source???????????

Who do you think you are. Unless you were there how can you say anything at all. I agree "BILL" or "Officer No Sak" probably wrote this to cover his rear end. Or maybe it was "sell out Rick". He wouldn't know how to be forthwith or truthful if the truth snuck up on him and bit him in the rear end. Ask him about the incident at Sturgeon Creek and his bestest buddy. He knew all about that too but convinced him to resign. HAH!!!!!!!!
Now he's got a pill head and a no account supposed Detective working for nothing. Why do you think that other agencies come in and make all of the drug arrests? Do you think that they really know what they are doing? NOT!!!! As far as Sherry is concerned she may have not been the greatest but she wore the badge and a lot longer than any of these so called police officers and deserved better than she got! Be a couch potatoe if you want but don't disrespect the badge. We have earned it and wear it how about you? Just a thought don't you think that all of the town's officals knew of this? You bet they did including the only candidate for Mayor!

liar! liar! liar! liar! Of course you are used to being one anyway huh? You were taught well by your supervisor!

P.S. Check the records Michelle was never fired from Burgaw. Sherry was never fired from anything either! If you believe this person than I have some land in the Sahara Desert to sell you! The truth will prevail! Pack you bags now or go to yet another agency for work.


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