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Actually she can do this

Many times sensitive and personal information comes out in court that does not need to be public record inspite of the fact that one of the parties is a public figure they still have a right to expect a certain amount of privacy. While I Still feel Brian needs to step away and step down from the NHCC, I continue to be disgusted by the whiney National Enquirer mentality of WWAY. I notice no appology for posting those emails has been forthcoming as they were not relivant or news worthy other then to drag out more private personal details of Mr Berger as well as Mr Townsend(whom I actually hope considers filing a big fat lawsuit against Channel 3 for invasion of privacy). I wish the judge would have stuck to her guns because as I said that while most legal matters are open for public, however certain issues should remain subject to some sense of privacy when sensitive personal issues shouldnt be subject to being fodder for public consumption.


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