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The email fiasco

Ok true but lets be honest the emails werent released under subpeona or any other legit reason other then some smarmy peice of human garbage decided to release them to the public in some attempt of sensationalism. Personally I find the email release disgusting if I was the head of IT Id immediately find out who released the emails adn have them terminated because there was no legitimate legal or other reason to release those emails except for somebody trying to dig up dirt on Brian Berger (which they didnt really succeed in). Just tell me WHAT legitimate purpose the release of those emails served.. Was it some legal requirement? Was it for Freedom of Information and if so who reqeusted it and why(all FOIA requests much have legitimate purpose) and until and unless somebody can provide a legit reason for those emails to have been made publc I stand by my statement. Additionally, Actions like this just actually give Berger legitimacy in his claims about people digging up stuff (IE the release of information which Sheriff McDonalds (Intentional) claims went no where. Well somebody sure as heck pulled the info and released it for nefarious reasons. Seems to me there is a pocket protecter wearing little worm working in the county government that seems to think its his job to root out the evil that is Brian Berger (having worked in IT just a word of advice yuo leave ane elctronic fingerprint no matter how careful you are. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT and when you are I hope you have plenty of money saved up because your termination will be pubilc record as well and good luck ever getting a job with "public trust" requirements ever again.


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