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Criner Should Ban all Media, If She has morals, Enough Already

This is a private matter and the right thing to do is ban all reporters from the courtroom. Not every event or meeting has to be open to reporters if their is reason to make the papparazi covering Berger wait outside. This isn't just private (Criner would turn the lives of four people into a fishbowl and heather or whatever her name is loves the media and any attention she can get. She's behind every story and calling the police and media like she is out to destroy him and she has ruined Berger reputation and probably his career and ability to earn a living. Just look at her pictures and how she poses provacatively like a porn actress (she is hot, how'd berger get her).

There are children the article indicates and to say banning reporters is giving Berger special treatment is acceptable because this is probably the most public case by far Criner has judged probably. I cant remember anything like this. Criner will be playing politics and bowing the media instead of doing the right, Christian thing and not have the private lives of people who havent broken the law and even elected officials deserve some privacy, especially when its a family matter with kids. WWAY will have a temper tandrum but Criner will get over that criticism in a day in the mind of the public. She needs to protect these human beings and recognize this is a special situation so pecial treatment is perfectly reasonable. If she has morals and values she wont cave to media or political pressure and will let them work out their issues in private.


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