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Unsecured Bail is a danger to public safety

You wrote:
Mark Cartret appears to be a greedy bail bondsman who is whining because he wants to make more money. I am conservative and I believe in America!
"The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits the imposition of excessive bail. The NC Constitution has a similar prohibition. Furthermore, this traditional right to freedom before conviction allows the unhampered preparation of a defense, prevents the infliction of punishment prior to conviction, preserves the constitutional presumption of innocence, which was secured only after centuries of struggle, and saves taxpayers money. Taxpayers have supported enough prisoners.

The judges are following the law while also protecting the taxpayers and the public. After a review, there are conditions placed on every bond. The only thing Cartret is whining about is that he wants another commission and more money for his pockets."

But the facts show:
What defines "excessive bail?" Frog Strickland being charged $1 million on misdemeanor charges? Do you, your honor, think it ok to let child molesters and those that would our harm kids out for free instead? I could care less about what Cartret or anyone else in the private sector makes, as long as they are performing a valuable service and one that saves the taxpayers while tending to the public safety. The Jolly Sasser Bail Policy will cost the taxpayers and is a danger to public safety.The taxpayers will pay for unsecured bail as found by the US Dept. of Justice's most recent study. Unsecured bail generates a 50% more increase in warrants causing more time on the street for the already over-worked Sheriff. Unsecured bail, according to the facts set forth NEVER provides and extra added arrest authority, that which a bondsman brings and thus causing law enforcement to "go it alone" while handling fuel, staffing and other additional costs. The bail system is a self-funded system and if left alone will work well as it was intended. You clearly are viewing the Eighth Amendment in a much different perspective than any other judge I have seen. Who pays for the forfeitures generated by these unsecured bonds? The child molesters, rapists and violent offenders will never pay, thus depriving the taxpayers and the school kids of the revenue otherwise collected when a bondsman is used as in "secured bail." Columbus county already has thousands of warrants piling up and this unethical policy promises to add much more. Nope you can't win that one. I too am very conservative and I just don't see it your way. Neither will the many victims, voters and taxpayers. So stay on the side as the champion of those that nearly cause troopers to get killed. Crystal Lee and BJ love your logic. The unsecured bail on this young lady who caused a trooper to flip his car during the recent Sunday chase will come back to haunt you. The citizens need to pray that an honest attorney will come forward and challenge you Judge Sasser and Judge Jolly, true judicial activists who have a proven track record of using their positions to go after those that challenge their dirty deeds and shenanigans.


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