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To Manolis

Over here Mr. Manolis they went after another good man. His name was Charlie Miller. Charlie knew something wasn't right when the head Judge called him in and pulled him away from a trafic fatality. But he was ordered (not by Judge Jolly) but another head judge. Anyway he, as he has done for well over 20 years did as he was ordered. Turns out Charlie was used and quickly realized that he had been made a pawn to do the bidding of a corrupt judiciary namely two head judges which included Judge Jolly. Now they have come for Charlie also. They have done so after he told the truth and gave a statement of what these Brunswick judges pulled off. It is sad as I never knew we had such a problem until this happened. They really hate this new DA and anyone connected to him. Not knowing Mr. Carteret I have however heard of him. I have heard that he has guts and that he will stand up to corruption. A judge and the Sheriff were speaking well of him last week and while I was at the courthouse addressing a traffic ticket with my daughter. So the talk is out here too. I cannot quite understand how Judge Jolly fits in as a head judge in both districts. The superior court heads are different however. I am not much into politics and sadly haven't done much more than show up to vote for the last 30 years. I assure you that will change. I cannot vote against this Judge Sasser as I live here in Brunswick, but I can and will show up to vote against Judge Lewis and Judge Jolly God willing. The shameful way they have misrepresented our County and the justice system here will not go un-noticed.


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