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Re: "The only thing Cartret is whining about is that he wants another commission and more money for his pockets"

You must be jealous of the bailman or you are involved in this highly unethical policy, maybe even the author or you are simply trying to steer the conversation in a way that has nothing to do with this dangerous situation. Excessive bail means reasonable. These judges, maybe even you, are not even putting ANY bail on these criminals. And before you open your mouth friend, $10,000 UNSECURED bail amounts to nothing, $0, nada. So you don't know what you are even talking about or again, maybe you are the judge and simply attempting to change the subject. In any case, you seem to spout the same belief and appear to be lining up with the judges in question. They, or you, are clearly championing criminals rights or acting as an advocate for them or whatever. Well to them I say: "What about the victims of these crimes that have been committed?" Who will champion them, represent their rights. These judges are either stupid, idiotic or like the other guest said: paying someone back.


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