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Your response to the article

Your response to the article shows your pure ignorance of how the private Bailnond Industry works. An unsecured bond allows a person to leave the jail, with only their "word" that they will show up for court, when they don't , law enforcement must re-arrest these poeple. A bond agent ensures that responsibility under a secured bond, should the defendent fail to appear, it is up to the bond agent to apprehend them AT THE EXPENSE OF THE BOND AGENT! NOT the taxpayer. You are very confused, and "excessive" bail means bail amount in relation to the charge, for example, you dont set a 10,000.00 bond for littering, think please! Plesae explain how you feel its a savings to the tax payer to used unsecure bonds which lead to more burden on law enforcement. Furthermore,bonds which go bad from bail agents are paid by agents to the public schools, bail agents generate income to PUBLIC schools. Please take a few minutes and learn what you are talking about BEFORE posting ignorance.


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