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Truth is if we didn't have

Truth is if we didn't have to address the criminal element then there would be no need for bondsmen, criminal law enforcement criminal court lawyers, criminal court judges, prosecutors, public defender or required criminal court personnel. If money is relevant, then truth exhibits that all of the above receive their salary from the need to remedy criminal activity. Lawyers monopolize the court system with little oversight from those who pay the courts bills the tax payers. Of all the above, the bondsmen and private non court appointed or public defender are the single entity which is not paid by an already over burdened tax payer. If they fail to perform their duty, the school system is enriched. Excessive bail? Excessive could be viewed as ridiculous. Certainly (0) bail is not excessive but could be considered ridiculous. Could it be that the controlling lawyers who serve as judges covet the money being made by bondsmen at the expense of the citizenry?


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