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Mr. Greedy writer

I believe a few of the guests on this site or other sites have called this for what it is. The "Greedy” writer on the first WWAY TV 3 site most likely hit the nail on the head. Clearly this is about jealousy Mr. Greedy writer. Judge Sasser, and his banker dad that created his job (along beside of RC Soles) has openly talked about the bail industry "making way too much money." It was Sasser's law firm that allowed Adam Rooks to steal millions of dollars in a mortgage fraud scheme. I believe the Feds have since reopened the case and may very well be adding "others" that might eventually join Mr. Rooks and his family. Perhaps the judge is worried that he will need more money to pay towards possible legal fees in that matter? This is not about the bail industry though Judge Sasser and Judge Jolly would like to steer the issue that way. It is about the good judges championing crime and disregarding the facts and the victims’ rights. It is about them using them abusing their positions going after someone who does not agree with the corruption in this district. Look at Jon David and how Judge Jolly attacked him. Look at Charlie Miller and how Judge Jolly and another head judge went after him. Mr. Cartrette if you would not have stood with DA Jon David, Judge Sasser and Judge Jolly would not have went after you either. The public, contrary to what these judges would have it to believe, is not so stupid. Judge Sasser, we may not all be 'NC State' grads or born with a silver spoon like a banker's son but we can read,write and do arithmetic in Columbus County. And yes, we can even think for ourselves, especially when the wolves in sheep’s clothing appear.


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