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Judge Sasser

Judge Sasser is as fair as Boss Hogg on the "Dukes of Hazard." I personally witnessed a case that I felt strongly that he should have recused himself on. He was indirectly involved and the attorney was informed. The attorney refused to file a motion for the judge to remove himself claiming that the judge would get angry and harm our side. The attorney said, facts in hand, Sasser had no choice but to rule in our favor. He claimed that "the law is the law" no matter what the judge's involvement with the other side. We were assured that the judge would be fair if for nothing more than the fact that the law required that he do so. During the trial I learned that the judge's sister-in-law was talking with her hair dresser and running me and my family down. She was saying things that were clearly not so. I did not even know this lady and I have never had a criminal charge. As a matter of fact, this was the first time I have ever been in court or taken anyone to court. We lost in front of Judge Sasser. However I eventually won but we had to go in front of another judge and under similar circumstances in order to get justice. I have since heard lots of similar stories about Sasser. The judge is clearly not fair and will help his friends. His family obviously discusses matters about certain cases at the dinner table. It is shameful that Douglas Sasser is allowed to sit on the bench. There is a God and all is seen and I believe true justice eventually comes to such people as this judge.


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