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Replace Judge Sasser

I believe that this further goes to show how corrupt this county has become. You finally have some with the courage to stand up those like Mark Carterette that have worked in the court system for many years. And now these judges will show him and his supporters who is the real boss of this dirty career politician infested county. They are clearly abusing their authority and playing dirty politics business as usual here. Some of this is Carterett's fault as he can be found to be one of the democrats biggest supporters. But I am glad he has now come over to our side and we need more like him. I have one question. What if Judge Sasser's family was robbed or raped? Do you think the criminal that did such would get an unsecured bond? No, of course not. Sasser and his upper class ruler’s lives are more valuable than us commoners. To Sasser and his good old boys we are peasants. His dad as a big banker has robbed many people and used his influence to give Judge Sasser a high paying taxpayer job. It is time for Judge Sasser to go and take his buddy RC Soles and Judge Jolly with him.


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