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What has happened in that county?

To Mr. 'Bail Bondsman.'
Some in your system are Ok and perform a great service, but some are thugs and should be behind bars, just like some of the thug attorneys and judges. There is much corruption in the court system and these judges not recognizing victims' rights by unsecuring bail for violent offenses are nothing more than judicial activists. Maybe they are jealous of you guys making so much money, I do not know. I have witnessed the pretrial program in our county working well and if Mr. Cartret runs a monitoring company then what of it? Maybe you are jealous of him? Is his business not a legal entity just like bail? I retired from the court system 7 years ago and moved away from the bull in that county. I recall Mr. Cartret’s uncle “ Bruce” Sellers. They always helped a lot of people and have given so much to the community. This man in your video is an elected clerk of Court that appears to be working for the bail bondsmen and on the bail bondsmen's payroll. I question his portraying himself or representing himself as a clerk of court while doing this one-sided video. So it does not take me long to figure out his motives and incentives. Anyway the bail bondsmen do perform a viable and a money saving service. I would agree with that. I have become like a lot of people and do not care for the shape these judges have put our system in. If a judge is letting child molesters free and rapists and those who beat women free on unsecured bail then these judges have crossed the line and gone way too far and must go. This makes me sick and I wonder what the system has come to.


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