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ahh more professionalism by Cheif Jayne and his badge bullies

1st let me ask a question. WHY did they take town owned vehicles to Myrtle Beach. There is a large distance between the town of Leland and Horry County SC/Myrtle Beach. At no time other then the last few miles would any Leland officer be within their own jurisdiction and be legally in purvue of their sworn authority. Sounds like more misuse of town taxpayers money by the badge bullies known as the Leland PD. These guys are an embarassment to the town and are more trouble then they are worth they do little to reduce crime except harassing supposed speeders on Hwy 17 and 74/76 who heaven forbid might be going 3mph over the limit but guarantee if its a Caddy with dark windows and African Americans in it they'll get pulled every time. Leland PD abuse their power on a regular basis and when you do call them for something legit it takes forever for them to respond. Oh and there is no town dispatcher everything goes through Brunswick 911 wouldnt it be easier just to disband this bunch of thugs and bullies and maybe keep the couple aroudn that are worth it and let the Brunswick Sheriff do the job since they are the only ones actually concerned with real crimes in this area. LPD just liek to drive around in their sports cars with light bars and pretend to do something useful other then harass Pop Shoppe customers and staff making blind accusations about drug dealing and the like without any proof (yep still Liabel!!!)


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