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Corruption in Leland

The corruption in Leland is,and has been out of control for years now. Everyone knows the Chief of Police and his command staff are corrupt. Why is this okay? Because the Town Manager, Bill Farris, allows it. If you are not willing to look the other way, you are now the problem - they will target you, assault you, harass you, and ultimately terminate you.

Bill Farris manages the Chief of Police, well, that is what the law states, anyway (manager/council form of government). Who manages Bill Farris? The Mayor and Councilmembers. These are the individuals allowing corruption to take place.

Bill Farris lost control of the Wilmington Police Department when he was the Wilmington City Manager. History has repeated itself. He is brushing everything under the rug to buy him time until his planned exit on December 16th. Who's problem will it be then?

Citizens, you want help? To launch an official SBI investigation, it takes one phone call from Sheriff Ingram to the Attorney General's office.

If you want change, if you want to protect your tax dollar, if you don't want your taxes raised to pay for the massive amount of lawsuits that are already in place, send the following to Sheriff Ingram:

Dear Sheriff Ingram,

As the leading law enforcement official in Brunswick County, the citizens and employees of the Town of Leland beg you to call the Attorney General's office - 919-661-5829, and request a formal SBI investigation into the corruption allegations on the Town of Leland's Police Department and Town Manager, Bill Farris.

We deserve to live in a town that provides police protection, not protection from the police.

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