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Hay Chief i got a good

Hay Chief i got a good idea...If you ask a real professional like Sheriff Ingram to teach you how to run a real police department. he might take the time to teach you...But then i realy dont think he has that much time...sorry that was not a real good lets see what you have done for 23 years in Charlotte.. you were in charge of 1. animal control 2. volunteers 3. community policing...???? How in the hell did you get to be the Chief of police in leland???? OK lets see if you have used your experience from your old job....(animal control)..You treat your officers like dogs.....(Volunteer) You volunteered to take leland autos to south carolina and use tax payers money witch paid for the gas to go out of state.... Now (community policing) you went to a little league baseball game and showed your ass...How am i doing so need to go find a job that you are qualified for....sorry but we have a dog catcher ...So do all of leland a favor and get the hell out of leland..we dont need a person like you in leland..IT IS WHAT IT IS...we the people dont want you ..get it...someone sait you hit the officer a year ago so big shit you did it . there are good officers here in leland they just need a leader that knows HOW to lead.


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