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Hey remember this?

Does anyboby remember the cop that was given the direct order by his supervisor to put down the injured alligator? You know, that has haunted that boy and he has had a hard time finding work ever since then. He was given a direct order by his YANKEE supervisor to do so. The damn supervisor also PARTICIPATED. (Thats what is wrong with that department its made up of all yanks)They were both originally cleared when it happened by the acting chief then. Then the nutless yellow spineless wonder from Charlotte came into office and was politicaly raped by that coward for a DA we use to have (THANK GOD FOR JOHN DAVID NOW HE HAS SAVED US!) to fire one or they would both be charged. The humane thing was done. I mean, wouldnt you want to be put out of your misery if you were run over by a 18 wheeler? They would never had been convicted.But the big nose idiot chief wouldnt stand up for BOTH his men. Now thats a leader! Just take away a man's job,pay check, benefits and health insurance (and no none of that OBAMA care please)How can you sleep at night Mr. Charlotte- Mecklenberg? SO HE FIRES ONE AND PROMOTES THE BLOODY YANK! He aint nothing in his own backyard. Do you people really want this type of police department in your town? Better call in Frank Serpico. He will fix the problem. No more pill popping officers on duty (Perks and Vicatin together? Are you crazy!?),Lieutenants that sleep with their subordnates (who are married and while on duty AND OH YEAH THERE IS PROOF!) and lets not forget piss smelling LT who is married to a convicted felon. (NO GUNS AROUND CONVICTED FELONS) and those supervisors who were fired from other departments for sexual harrassment (AND THAT WAS A STATE JOB. HOW DO YOU LOSE A STATE JOB?) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..... YOUR LELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!!!!


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