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Response to Judge Sasser's Answers

Columbus County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser says though it may *seem* alleged violent criminals are running free; the system is running smoothly and according to plan.
Your Honor, are you not aware of the thousands of un-served warrants in Columbus County?

"It was actually just an attempt to bring it back up to date with what these current statutes provide," Sasser said referring to state laws governing bonds."

When were the statutes changed? Not recently your honor.

"These people aren't bleeding-heart liberals," he said. "They're not trying to turn these some of these people loose on the streets. They're trying to make this place safer."

Ok. Really? You mean with folks like Crystal Lee? On Sunday and while free on an unsecured bond, Ms. Lee, while fleeing to elude arrest caused a North Carolina State Highway Patrol officer to lose control of his car, narrowly escaping death. Ms. Lee, was, once again and on yesterday released on an unsecured bond. Would you say she was released on extenuating circumstances?

"There may well we some charges that you would not normally see an unsecured bond on, but I would say probably take a little closer look and see if there's some extenuating circumstances," Sasser said.
Ok, Your honor. Could you enlighten us as to which ones you are speaking of? The files show numerous assaults on government officials, assaults on females, kids, habitual felons, drug traffickers and violent felony assaults with firearms. There is more than 'a few in the file.' In fact a, a large number of these you have insinuated were miniscule are repeat offenders with a violent past. Such is easily confirmed by going into the Automated Criminal Infraction System. Your magistrates have a terminal and like us can easily find such


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