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The World of Thugdom salutes you Judge Sasser

So am I to believe that drunk drivers and other offenders including those that beat their wives are freebies by Jollys' and Sassers' standards? And as for raping or molesting a child, am I to understand that Sasser is fine with those and does not view a risk as everything is running smoothly and as planned?" Maybe now I can understand why Chad Adams called him a "Solesketeer." Maybe Sasser is true to his good friend RC and going easy on such people in expectations for the charges RC might eventually face. He could then justify an unsecured bond for the ex-Senator who created his (Sassers') job while dividing the district and putting in another head judge-Ola Lewis. You are a winner Mr. Judge Sasser. The victims (ah excuse me) I mean the offenders i.e. rapists, child molesters and others from the world of thugdom should salute you.


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