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Judge Sasser and Jolly

These guys have been around for awhile or at least Jerry Jolly has. Look at dennis Worley, Jolly's cousin and how many times Worley has appeared in front of him. There is a lot of talk about worley being corrupt and even getting an insider tip on the new land that the Governor is working on bringing industry in to. There has always been corruption in the county and it has gotten worst. i think it wrong if banker Rhone Sasser put his boy in an office that was vacated by Bill Gore. I think it wrong if RC Soles divided the district so the banker's son could get the job. Politics has become a sick game in the county and these guys play it well. Throw them out is what I say. We need Christian God fearing men in the office of judge and even though Sasser goes to church and plays boy scout and so on, he does not act like a true Christian would.


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