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Even a blind woman could see Mark

It is very clear what happened. As a matter of fact a blind woman could see. Mark Cartret who has been paid dearly to represent the bail association of NC, crossed party lines. When he sided with DA Jon David and worked on David’s campaign signing a resolution in favor of David and against the good old boy system namely Judge Jolly and Judge Sasser, they fired a shot at our entire industry. So it is just as much Cartret's fault as those unethical judicial officials. If he was going to head the GOP and the state bail association at the same time, he should have recused himself from one or the other. That is why the nonprofit 501 c3 is “nonpartisan.” Now because of crooked judges hiding behind their corrupt system and an idiotic bondsman, we all must pay the price. Cartret is well off and has made a lot of money and could care less. So his mouth now overloads the rest of our butts. No I am not saying Cartret is corrupt just that he too has way too much control of the bail industry. The 20 years of good he may have done across this state has in 4 months been removed in Columbus and Bladen County. If you are going to do battle with judges that use their position to kill small business Mark, at least have the decency to think of the rest of us. Step down.


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