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You know what p*sses me off? My son lost a day of work at his new job due to the hurricane, so he saw where he could apply for reimbursement at DSS. He went through all the paperwork and then got notice that because he hasn't been in the job for 20 consecutive weeks, he doesn't qualify. Why didn't they tell him that at the beginning?

I overheard a black woman yesterday while in line at a store who said she applied for food stamps and told DSS that she lost everything in her refrigerator because of the hurricane. She only lost power 2 hours, still has that food, and now DSS has given her $300 to "replace" what was lost. She failed to report that her husband works for the water company (she didn't report his income at all because he makes a good salary and it would disqualify her for food stamps), and she draws $700 a month disability.

So the people who rightfully SHOULD receive some help are not getting it, while the ones who don't REALLY need it are. P*sses me off.


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