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Some people really have NO Compassion

What is this? People are turning this into a race war! I mean seriously, give the family of this boy a moment to mourn! Whether or not he was involved in drugs, if he was black, white, or purple, its still someones son, brother, cousin and so on.... you dont know what the cause of the shooting was, so why play god and judge what you know nothing about? And if it was drugs, people get caught up in things they shouldnt, life happens... please tell me you all NEVER did anything illegal in your life! Give me a break! I didnt know this boy, But my thoughts an prayers go out to his family! I hope that all of you judging this poor boy, think real hard, do you really know everything everyone in your family is doing? Odds are, Probably not! So if you were in his family shoes, would you want people talking this way about your family?? This sad loss has nothing to do with Race or Tax Dollars... So if you want to talk about those things, START YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG!!


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