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Whaddaya mean

"no matter what he was doing there"

He ran into a closed home...where an INNOCENT Woman was trying to LIVE IN PEACE, with several assailants HOT on his tail, shooting LIFE-ENDING BULLETS INTO THIN AIR, IDIOT!!!

Geez, what do we have to say to get you people to understand...
He no innocence.
He is not innocent.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
... and FYI, it is not OUR "tax supplied neighborhood", that is not even a known phrase, but I know you mean with the deal, LOW RENT/HIGH CRIME neighborhood... that are vectors in every single American city.
BUT, this Crap lifestyle CHOICE is NOT "OURS", as you accusingly blogged. If it was up to us Honey, there would be no Section 8 or Subsidized Housing whatsoever!!!

We believe in Equality for all, no special treatment, no government subsidies,except for the profoundly infirm. Otherwise, everyone gets to struggle in this lousy economy together, without Free Rent and EBT food cards, medicaid (free medical coverage), SSI $$$ Free Monthly check.

"His father works for YOUR country" WHAT? Are you illegal? If not, it should be said that "his father works for OUR Country". Then, you should agree that his FATHER should have taught his son how to WORK FOR OUR COUNTRY also, and/or to WORK period. His fine upstanding family should have seen that he was a trouble-causing gang-banger who came into MY neck of the woods, instead of staying the hell up in JAX.

You'll never shut us ignorant people up, no matter what because, we have EARNED the RIGHT to SPEAK UP and SPEAK often IF WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, no matter the color of our skin ...BLACK, WHITE oR OTHER.
I'm other; rainbow.

Also, being an adult living with mama, parents, grandparents, aunt is not normal for "ADULTS", who have been TAUGHT 'responsibility.'


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