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Ignorance Must Be Bliss

Um, you tell me exactly what you would do if a group of people armed with weapons were chasing after you. You would just stand there right? You wouldn't even attempt to save yourself, right? You would just let them shoot your brains out, huh? Yeah, we all would...psh. It's called instinct. When in danger, we seek safety. And yes, that's exactly what I said. You may quote me on that if you'd like. Every last dime of cash he made was put toward his family because he wasn't just a "thug" or a "criminal". He wasn't a heartless "lowlife", he cared about his family. He may not have made the best decisions, but he did what he could.

You don't understand how hard it is for people to get hired who have a record. People make bad decisions, serve their time, and if/when they attempt to change their life, society stops them. People, like you, turn your heads at people with records because "once a thug, always a thug." People can change if they got the help that they needed. We were put onto this Earth as brother and sisters, meaning we need to help each other, not sit her and judge and turn our heads at those who are "lower lives" than us. You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of labeling and judging others, why don't you try and help those who people you clearly don't understand. Maybe if enough people like yourself attempted to help change those who truly needed it, we would have less "thugs" on the streets.

Go ahead and say that it's not your problem and why should you help. It is your problem, clearly, if you feel the need to post things like that on a public blog. If you don't help them, who's to say that anyone will, and then our entire world will be full of hatred and crime. No one wants that.


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