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People can change but...

We do live in a world of hatred and crime. Thats why this happened in the first place.

If we continue to make excuses for why "someone" didn't help him then people will just continue by perpetuating the cycle. We must not tolerate crime, no exception end of the story.

Wilmington is a small city, lets be honest. We are sitting right next to bad neighborhoods no matter which corner you live in. I for one am completely sick of us constantly having to build more and more housing complexes that breed crime.

If you make a mistake, you must live with it. If we forgive everyone, there will be no reprocussions and it will be anarchy. Some strange thing happened years ago and going to jail in this "thug" lifestyle became cool. This is a product of a poor society and those who break the law, continue to produce more people who break the law.

The problem is the welfare system. Plain and simple. True, there are wealthy children who go the wrong way. However, unfortunatley, that is the world we live in. In the poverty stricken areas, is not the exception, it is the rule.

Term limits on assisted livings, requirements and assistance to find work for ALL productive citizens and zero tolerance for violence and drugs. We need to start throwing the book at people and run them out of our small city. If they don't want to work, and find excuses to drive them to the point to commit crime - they will not be tolerated.

It's quite simple - its the excuses that made it complicated.


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