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The World Is On Drugs?

YOUR world maybe (the projects). I hate to disappoint you, but there are still some people who don't take drugs. I have never taken them and neither has anyone in my immediate family. Thank God, I have a drug free son who does even smoke or drink. Not once has he ever even tried it, even to experiment. I told him a long time ago that only losers take drugs. He's also seen some kids he went to school with mess up their lives with drugs, and he wants no part of it.

Maybe you could pull away from the drug culture if you went back to school, got a job, moved away from the projects, stopped depending on taxpayers to take care of you, and stopped talking and writing like you ARE a drug addict. All this ebonic talk may be popular in the projects, but it doesn't cut it in the real world. It only makes you look stupid.


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