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I had to read your post 3 times before I finally understood what you you were trying to say. If you really want to get your point across, you need to post more clearly, quit using ebonics and using abbreviations, and learn how to spell.

OK, my house doesn't get inspected every 3 months because I OWN IT. No one has the right to come in MY house unless I give them permission. When you live in a project, you give up that right. You don't own that property, so the owners/landlords have the right to inspect it if they want to. I believe they should also have the right to kick out anyone they suspect of dealing drugs.

"When bad kids come to Creekwood to buy drugs"? Do you understand what you're saying? You're trying to blame bad kids for buying drugs and pulling Creekwood down, but they are buying the drugs from people in Creekwood! Hello! If the people in Creekwood wouldn't sell drugs, the kids wouldn't come there. Maybe you SHOULD start treating them like trash, and they might not come back.

Honestly, I would like to read a well written post from SOMEONE in Creekwood who sounds like they have at least a third grade education and a brain that hasn't been fried by drugs.


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