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By Jonathan

I assume you mean the deceased. Just want to be certain.

Now you list all of these wonderful attributes for him. And perhaps they were part of him.

BUT, he was a convicted felon at 16. He had 3 years to mend his ways; but apparently did not. His Mother was quoted in the print media indicating he was depressed due to that coviction and other pending charges.

Let me go further.

He was not living with his parents. Again, in the print media, his Mother noted she and his Father were both in Quantannamo Bay Cuba as defense contractors.

One might wonder why he was not with them. One might wonder why, if she knew he was facing problems and depression, she did not return to Jacksonville to help him get right with the world? Certainly, one would think she could have taken a leave of absence. But she chose not to.

So he's living in unknown or uncertain circumstances, in Jacksonville, while his parnets are out of the country.

And after his death, they return for a March against violence in Jacksonville. Did you attend? To me, that was a belated gesture.

Sorry, but perception is reality.


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