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Yes, I was listening to the Carolyn Justice Show this morning

...and heard her and Chad talking about how bad this would have been.... which I ask, "WHY?"

How is it any business of the state with whom you spend the rest of your life? (And that right there is a joke, since the majority no longer stay together until death do us part.)

Now, I'm fully on board with the idea that gays and Lesbians can't "get married"...BUT the government intruded into the marriage game a long time ago and specific benefits ranging anywhere from taxes to child custody to probate have since attached themselves to a state or county issued "marriage license."

So since gays and Lesbians are obviously entitled to those exact same benefits under our federal constitution, you either A) let gays get married, as ridiculous a notion as that is, or B) get the government OUT of the marriage business and return it to the realm of religion, where it belongs.

The government needs to register domestic partnerships ONLY, for every couple, be they man-woman, two men, or two women. If a brother and sister want to register a domestic partnership, how is that the government's concern? If a man is so twisted and warped as to want more than one boat anchor annoying him to death, let him register multiple domestic partnerships.

Hey, the clerk can still collect the same fee, but as long as this nation links legal and financial benefits to that marriage license, you are going to LOSE when you say that gays and Lesbians can't get married.

Avoid the whole issue by ending the concept of marriage "licenses." It's should be the priest, minister, rabbi, or imam that tells them, "Are you crazy? You can't get married! You can live happily in sin, but I'm not marrying you."


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