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I have contacted all kinds of government officials in Brunswick County regarding a situation in my family where someone was arrested without a warrant. Everyone told me it was an "honest mistake". I have contacted the mayor, pro temp, and every other government official I could think of to ask that they investigate the Leland Police Department. Futch never responded but others did and basically told me to take it up with Chief Jayne myself, who continues to tell me that wrongful arrest and police officers aiding in stealing property is an "honest mistake". No one will investigate further than the word of the police Chief and in light of someone being shot in the crotch and him getting in a fight, I would think they would at the very least humor me and say they investigated.

Everyone in office in Brunswick county needs to hold on tight as I am contacting every federal agency I can think of in an effort to get to the bottom of the situation.

All I want are answers and I get literally four accounts of the same incident, and then the mayor doesn't have the decency to call me back.

These men are liars and are out not of the loop. They simply take up for each other so they can keep their easy jobs and retain power.

I suppose it isn't crime to lie to someone that isn't directly involved in the situation, however, it makes me lose faith in the legal system and makes me believe all the claims that the "good ol' boy network" is still alive and kickin' in North Carolina.


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