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I agree

Anyone who has ever worked for Leland or lives in Leland knows that the Mayor is in control. Bill Farris and Walter Futch meet regularly behind closed doors and Bill Farris does exactly as he is told. Make no mistake he is 100% involved in the personnel issues because in the Town of Leland it is his way or the highway.In fact they wheel and deal and decide what they want, then they decide what lies they will present to the rest of the council so they can get things their way.The Mayor is trying to save face for his future political ambitions. Bill Sue, you need to protect your spot when you leave or all of Brunswick County will be hurting.The same goes for the reset of the Council. Those with political dreams will look the other way, say they weren't aware, but in reality they cave just so they can keep what they think they have.

As far as the amount that is probably all the Town of Leland was willing to offer because they need to hold on to some. They probably have future claims coming.

Bill Farris is already scheduled to retire and don't be surprised if the town forces Jayne out. Oh, and by the way, the force out will come at a price. It will be presented to the public that it was mutual but in fact they will pay him to resign because that is the way they operate. Instead of handling things they just dump.


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