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Not Guilty?

I guess from what I am seeing in these post, he is not guilty because he is BLACK. What a load of crap. I read the Star News online everyday, and the have a section called Mug Shots of everyone booked into the county jail, and guess what most of them are BLACK. Black men, Black women, all commiting crimes, and playing the race card because they will not take responsibility for anything they do. They think they are entitled to a free ride because their ancestors might have been slaves. Many Blacks think White people owe them something because of this. I grew up on Chestnut St, and I remember hearing gunfire coming from Creekwood all the time. I remember the Wilmington Police and the Sherrif's Department coming through my neighborhood looking for people from Creekwood who commited crimes. I remember gangs of Black guys and girls roaming the streets in my neighborhood, and then hearing about homes being broken into, or cars being stolen or robbed, and the drugs being sold. I also remember that EMS will not go into Creekwood without the police because the ambulances have been robbed of their drugs, because people called in false calls, and while the paramedics were looking for a victim, the ambulances were being cleaned out for the drugs they carried. This has been going on for years in Creekwood and the Blacks act like wild animals, and many think they are above the law. This so called good guy everyone is talking about fits right in the same group of loosers as the rest of these fools. He chose to pick up a gun, he chose to pull the trigger, and kill someone. He made the choice to be a FOOL. There were no innocent people involved that night, drugs and money were most likely involved, so crimes led to more crimes. Creekwood has long been the headquarters for criminal activity , and Wilmington needs to be rid of this place and the people in it. There are no innocent people in Creekwood, their families all know what is going on, and they profit from the drug money. Anyone with a brain knows what I am saying is right, and I would urge you to demand your government officals get rid of Creekwood, and any other housing projects where this kind of activity is going on.


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