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Only you can Change

A young black man is accused of murder. It happens every day in America. Plenty of blame to go around. Community, parenting, lack of respect for anything. It's easy to say "Dump this kid cause he's trash".
I'm not saying that's right, but when we see it EVERY DAY, we have to ask ourselves "Where is the NAACP, while this kid was growing up, instilling a positive attitude, attaining values, and instruction on how to succeed in life". Instead, they wait until someone is dead, convicted, or maimed for life, to come out and try to absolve guilt simply because of poor circumstances.

I don't believe, in a good polling of the black community, that a black man can be guilty of anything. When a community allows profane, thug like behavior, contempt for authority, and no one knows that it's going on? Come on, really? My parents would have whooped my @$$ for an hour if I didn't behave.

But seriously, family, friends, don't say you didn't know. You could have helped this young man. You didn't do him any favors.
You stereotyped him one way, just like others have, in another.

Hope and Change.
Hope is a feel good. Change is something only you can do.


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