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Not hatred

Just because we respond to some of these stories, it doesn't mean we are racist. I for one an fed up with the senseless killing of other humans and I don't care if it is a white man/woman or black man/woman killing, it is murder pure and simple. What ever happened to talking out your problems or stepping out into the yard and duking it out? Now it is too easy to pull out a weapon and just hurt or kill someone. A thug is a thug regardless of color and they need to be taken off the streets. A mistake - no it wasn't a mistake to pull out a weapon and kill this young man. It was intentional and cruel and now a family is mourning the loss of a loved one, regardless of how he might have been. He's dead and they will go visit his grave, while the family of the KILLER will get to visit him in prison. And don't give me the "he is a product of his environment" crap either. There are people out there every day that grew up in bad situations and turned out to be civilized human beings and made something positive out of their lives. You choose to be a gangbanger or a thug and you reap the consequences of your stupidity.

It probably would help your cause some if you would learn to spell and to speak in English instead of a language that makes you sound totally ignorant. Doesn't do much for your credibility - just saying!


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