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Why not read

the first sentence of my post?

Nowhere do I indicate he deserved to lose his life.

An I may have done dumb things in my youth, but I never racked up a felony conviction or even a speeding ticket. Had I, I am confident there would have been a swift and effective response at home for my misdeed.

I do state that parents should be accountable for thier children's upbringing.

Defense contractors are well paid, especially when working outside the country. It does not take that much time or that much money to get him to Gitmo, unless his prior felony conviction was standing in the way.

A felony conviction at 16.

Death at 19.

So let's organize a march. For what purpose? To salve feelings of guilt by the parents or older sibling?

Who should have been responsible for him at 19? Society? The taxpaying public?


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