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Just wondering do you have

Just wondering do you have children or grandchildren? Teenage years are very difficult for the teen and the parents, at 18 they are adults by law. As a parent what would you do if your child disobeys you after he is 18 years of age. If he states to you I am an adult! What does a parent do, you seem to know what is in your opinion the right way to raise perfect kids, not even a speeding ticket! What if your 19 year old had a speeding ticket that he did not tell you about because he thought he could take care of it himself, and before you knew it he did not show up for court and there is a warrant for his arrest. I'm just curious.Would you pay it for him, ground him, you cannot hit him or they will arrest you, kick him out, quit your job so you can stay home and make sure he does what you tell him to???? The violence needs to stop and the children cannot stop it alone we need more outlets for our troubled youths not more jails to house them. In Jacksonville there is not even a Big Brothers program, no help for the young children who are starting to show signs of criminal acts and violence.
We will miss Jonathan dearly but I am also praying for the brothers and their families, Because I know they will also suffer from this horrible tragedy and if Jonathan was here with us he would be praying for them too. Please answer me I would love to know you opinion on this.


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