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Not that it matters

but I have a daughter; honor graduate at Chapel Hill and George Mason. Celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary. Never a challenge. But then she was raised in an environment where laws and the rights of others were respected; and every action had a positive or negative reaction.

I have 3 grandchildren. The eldest is 5. They all say sir and maam. They understand there are rules for all. They go to church and Sunday School.

I can not speculate on how I would react; I never faced those challenges. My duaghter had goals from an early age; she knew what had to be done to achieve those goals.

Hopefully my grandchildren will follow in her steps. By that time I will likely be in the great hereafter; she will have to deal with it.

But it's interesting. I have several nieces and nephews. All raised in similar surroundings with involved parents. They are all married; working; and with one exception all are parents. Their children are being reared in similar conditions.

And the big impact -- involved parents who keep the child focused on their goals; their role in society; and their faith in God.

Is it always easy? Heck no. But which is more important? Being involved with your children and their future or popping a few cold ones down with your friends?

You want to take it from there?

You say there's no Boys Club. Go to United Way and start one. The ball's in your court.


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