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I know Heather Blaylock...

Before this story thankfully passes away I feel I need to share some information. I really don't think Mr. Berger is the insane person his plotting peer commissioners try to portray him as...he is someone who raised heather Blaylock's two boys. The conduct of Thompson, Catlin, Davis and Barfield on the townhall video is disgusting. It made me angry and sad to see the pathetic fake tweets and desperation from the good old boys. I have known this girl personally for years and followed this story a bit only because of that knowkedge. She said they called him "daddy" and wanted him to be there dad, but Mr. Berger wasnt comfortable with that out of respect for the MIA Richard Blaylock. He is close to heathers sister, closer than heather, and she loves to post on here under different names.
Berger's actions were not the actions of a rational person, but would you be rational if you just found out your fiance or SO was having an secret affair? And once the veil of lies was drawn back, Heather Blaylock the talented liar and abusive woman who was selfish at UNCW and nothing changes, hurt her young boys to hurt Berger more than mere cheating by refusing to allow Berger to see the boys he helped raise and their first true father figure. Berger, and I saw this myself, was GREAT with those children. They loved him. He clearly loved and protected them. The email exchange with Bob Townshend is very revealing. I don't blame berger for not talking about heather's affair, her violent episodes, and her cruelty and indifference, it's little wonder Berger flipped. He still seems to be protecting her for some reason. It's disgraceful that the other new hanover county commissioners, no doubt perfect and faithful to their wives(!), would exploit someone who has been through what Berger has...the Catherine Jones (Heather Blaylocks real name...this woman has like ten for each personality) cheating cycle. This woman has no sense of herself or right and wrong, no conscience, and Mr.Berger got burned bad. I'm not defending his odd, disturbing wrist ploy, but if your husband or wife had an affair and took your kids (though these are not bergers) and didn't apologize for cheating or recognize that cheating is wrong and hurtful, it can get people killed!!!, youd react strangely too. Probably more violently than Berger who committed no crimes save poor judgement in getting engaged to a very disturbed young woman with a history of allegations of child abuse and lying to authorities. Catherine/Heather Jones/Blalock is an actress who plays the victim role well, almost to perfection, but she is very sick and has no place in a job around children. I knew "Heather" back in the day she used to say her husband Richard was gay. (I have seen her in a classroom too...she is too violent and eratic to teach kids and NHCS or her employer is asking for a lawsuit, she her is putting a ticking timebomb in a room with children. That damsel in distress act hides a remorseless very disturbed woman. I have heard Mr. Berger say or read he tried to protect her and the children only to have her run to the media and police at every moment Berger was near after she scretly started sleeping with some random guy she probably met at a gas station or Walmart, and Berger eventually uncovered her skilled lying and probably was very hurt. Berger needs help, but he'll be fine without this very sick woman in his life. He may not know it, but she did him a favor. Too bad the politicians and judges are exploiting this man's pain for their own selfish reasons. Will they admit fault and apologize after heather/catherine blaylock hurts a child in a county school or preschool? It's happened before...this woman has ten names and she is definetly pretty but very dangerous and remorseless.


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