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There was an investigation

Did you only wake up today to this article?? Another misinformed citizen.. There was an investigation from the inside and outside of the agency!! They have wrote that in small ink... No fought was found by any police officer.. She received her whole $10,000 after taxes... If you get in a car accident and sue the other driver.. The insurance company gives you $10,000 almost automatically bc it's cheaper than going to court. It seems the town got their money's worth... $ 25,000 to make her go away! It seems to me she was looking for a lawsuit from the start. If this guy Skip saw the pictures and the pictures were marks to her legs .. Then that is not her "Groin area"!!! Seems odd that if they were harassing this poor lady, it would be in the groin area and not her breast!! How many times did she get hit in her "breast area"?
Wake up people... This sounds like an ambulance chasing attorney and a lady who was looking for a payday. Most people would have sued for at least their worth... And would have sued to have kept their job. Unless she was only making $18,000 year .. She knew she didn't have a case and settled for what she could get...
How it's poor pitiful me.. now we the tax payers must pay her to laugh all the way to the bank! Get real.. Officers put their lives on the line everyday and must see and experience horrible things... If this lady has to see a psychologist from this one incident, then she never deserved to wear that badge. Were there any other harassment incidents we don't know about?? I'm sure if there were she would have already released that to the media or had one of the "Lewis's" posting unsense on this website do it for her!!


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