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I guess everybody forgets

I guess everybody forgets that there are two sides to every story but that doesn't matter right? It seems like we have tried and convicted the LPD because, God knows, if WWAY reports it it must be true. You guys sound like a bigger bunch of thugs than what you are making LPD out to be. When I read some of these dumbass comments from you people I can see how Casey Anthony got off and how the idiot that spilled hot coffee on themselves got so rich. People keep saying how unfair it was that she had to resign and that her lawyer wasn't as prepared as the town's. SHE agreed to the terms, SHE agreed to resign. Nobody forced her to take that deal, she could have pushed it further but she didn't. SHE felt that the deal was fair. That would lead one to believe that she got exactly what she was looking for the whole time..a payday. I'm sure that WWAY's "independant sources" include a disgruntled former employee whom was fired. Maybe WWAY should look into their source's will be suprised what you may find if you are looking under the right name. Just remember everything the news says is not always the truth.


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